All Chicago Building Footprints now in Open Street Map

Awesome news today!

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Since the City of Chicago released building footprintsstreet center lines, and a few other datasets on Github under the MIT license (see Hacker News thread and City blog post for more), Ian Dees has been importing the building footprints in to Open Street Maps (OSM).

Well, as of last night, he's done

What does this mean?

  • Open Street Map now shows every building in Chicago with its address
  • all map platforms based on OSM, including MapQuestCloudMade and CartoDB have this data now as well
  • geocoders using Open Street Maps will have substantially increased accuracy for doing address searches in Chicago
  • now that the data is in this open platform, it can be edited by the community and fed back to the City to improve the original data source. 

For that last point, my understanding is that these edits will be submitted as Github Pull Requests to the City's dataset. Excited to see that happen next.

Happy Saturday!

Derek Eder