National Resource Network – New Solutions For Cities

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After a year of planning, I am pleased to let you know about today’s launch of the National Resource Network. Funded with $10 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Network is one of the greatest attempts ever to create a single, comprehensive resource and point of contact for cities seeking customized ideas and support to tackle their most pressing challenges. Starting today, cities everywhere can tap into an array of curated resources through the Network’s web site ( The...

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Production Planning & Control Call for Papers: Special Journal Issue on “Smart Cities and Operations Management”

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Dr. Gary Graham of the University of Leeds, recently was sponsored by the SSN+ and NEMODE on a placement to the MIT Media Lab in 2013. He is now the guest editor for this special journal issue focused on new contributions exploring the development, implementation and popularization of production, planning and control methods (PPC) in smart cities. He invited all SSN+ members to consider a submission to this special issue. Full papers are due by 1 September 2014. Stephen Lorimer Research Associate Sustainable Society Network+ Imperial...

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Robert Moses Vs. Jane Jacobs: The Opera

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See this article in The Atlantic Cities for news of an opera about the titanic battle for the heart of New York City.

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Knight Foundation Launches Innovation Hub – “Great Ideas For Our Cities”

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Tracking Steven Johnson’s new series on PBS and BBC “How we got to now”, the Knight Foundation is starting a webinar series for innovation in cities, beginning on May 2, 2014.    

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2013 USC London Meeting – Smart Cities and the Quality of Life

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Here at last is the point of view document based on the meeting at Imperial College in September 2013.  My apologies for the long time it took to get this written, but I hope you will find some rich material in here for further exploration.

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Sustainable Society Network / Transport Futures Event

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A quick email to thank everyone who attended our Transport Futures event,  The Role of Digital Technologies in Future Transport Systems.  All feedback received has been extremely positive and we hope to run more workshops of this type in the near future. For those of you who wish for a re-cap, or could  not attend in person, most of the presentations are now available to view on our website: Sustainable Society Network + Team +44 (0)20 7594...

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“Pathways to Urban Sustainability: A Focus on Portland” report

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The report from last year’s workshop on “Pathways to Urban Sustainability: A Focus on Portland” is now available for free download from the National Academies Press website: Thank you again to those of you who were able to participate last May. Jonathan Fink Vice President for Research and Strategic Partnerships Portland State University Box 751 – ORSP Portland, OR...

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Sustainable Society Network / “Urban Prototyping, London Festival” report

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During January to June 2013, Dr Cathy Mulligan, PI of Sustainable Society Network+ ran the “Urban Prototyping, London Festival” where we investigated the role of citizen-led IoT projects on the creation of smart, sustainable and resilient cities.  The output of this festival was to provide input to the research councils on the future research challenges for smart, sustainable and resilient cities.  We have also solicited perspectives from a variety of sources about prototyping and smart cities.  In addition, we have short...

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Six ways to design humanity and localism into Smart Cities (Rick Robinson, IBM UK)

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The Smart Cities movement is sometimes criticised for appearing to focus mainly on the application of technology to large-scale city infrastructures such as smart energy grids and intelligent transportation. But to focus too much on this aspect of Smart Cities and to overlook the social needs of cities and communities risks forgetting what the full purpose of cities is: to enable a huge number of individual citizens to live not just safe, but rewarding lives with their families. There are many examples of people, communities and businesses who...

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Endpoint: A World Without Villages?

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  The 21st century migration of populations all over the world from the countryside into cities has become well-known in recent years.  In fact this particular cycle of urbanization began at least as early as the late 18th century, when the Industrial Revolution in Britain started to draw workers from the land into the emerging factories towns and cities.  It may even be that there are far earlier examples.  The resulting discussion of contemporary urbanization has focused on the impacts of these floods of population into existing cities...

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