Last Chance: Research grant in digital technologies, the city, and addictive behaviours

Dear all,

Please find a reminder of this opportunity which is open to applications!

The Sustainable Society Network+ and the New York-based Van Alen Institute are sponsoring a joint US-UK initiative to explore how digital technologies can be used to better understand the complex relationship between the built environment of the city and addictive behaviours. 

The goal of this investigation is to catalyse the creative, cross-disciplinary integration of urban data, digital technology, public health, design, and the sciences to inform next-generation thinking about addictive behaviours and the settings in which they occur. You will have the opportunity to test new ideas and create novel linkages between research areas, and generate insights for public health authorities, urban planners and designers, social services providers, and other public and private entities as they develop innovative policy tools and practices to enhance urban health well-being.

We are looking for UK applicants to form multidisciplinary teams with the skills to investigate this in British cities from perspectives in the engineering, social, and economic sciences, such as environmental psychology, human-computer interaction, geography, sociology, epidemiology, architecture, and urban planning. You will be collaborating with the New York-based Van Alen Institute, a preeminent non-profit organization whose work focuses on cities and the built environment.

See our flyer for an introduction to the project!

Priority Deadline: Monday 29 September 2014, 5pm


Stephen Lorimer
Research Associate

Sustainable Society Network+
Imperial College London
South Kensington
London SW7 2AZ

Phone: +44 20 7594 3710

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