Smart cities: IBM takes Lagos as pilot

With Lagos population growing in leaps and bounds, International Business Machine, (IBM) has pledged to use its software solutions to build smarter cities for the state.

A smarter city initiative of IBM is tailored on how best the Lagos State government and other state governments can exploit information to optimize the delivery of city services.

Although Lagos State is targeted as a pilot program, the General Manager, Software Sales of IBM Software Group, Robert Picciano who was in Nigeria last week disclosed that smarter cities solutions if deployed, can now monitor, measure and manage nearly any physical system at work in the state.

According to him, IBM has ability to collect and analyze real-time information on everything from transportation networks to hospitals to the electricity grid.

According to him, the best of IBM’s research, hardware, software and services capabilities together with deep industry expertise can be used to helpreduce traffic congestion, and resulting air pollution, digitize health records to improve overall patient care, improve access to, and quality of, education, enhance security systems to reduce crime rates, source and manage power more intelligently and improve quality, supply and access to, water.

“The uses for this information are nearly limitless. It can be used to empower citizens, build political capital, or develop new business models and partnerships with the private sector.

It can be used to model and predict how changes to one system will affect others, decreasing the risks of change and speeding the return on investment. And it can be used to draw the businesses that attract talent, and the talent that attracts businesses” he explained.

Framing the IBM smarter city story

Defining the opportunity, Picciano said that two years ago, IBM embarked on a mission to help cities learn how to exploit the vast amount of information already available across their cities to deliver better citizen services.

IBM, he assured was set out to help cities become “smarter” including Lagos State by leveraging information to make better decisions, anticipating problems to resolve them proactively, and coordinating resources to operate effectively.

To date, he informed that IBM has led over 2,000 projects with cities globally. “We’re now on the cusp of an extraordinary opportunity: In order to scale the insights gained to the “next several thousand” cities, IBM is deploying new business models that will make best practices repeatable and make “smart” accessible for a broader number of cities globally. With increasing experience, patterns have emerged that have helped us identify” he added.

For the very first time, he disclosed that IBM has packaged together an integrated solution called the Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities designed to help cities of all sizes integrate city systems and apply intelligence to their city operations through one central point of command.

Article from Vangard NGR