The London Meeting – Next Steps

I have created a daughter page where I have put all of the presentations and notes that have come my way. You can also navigate to this from the Meetings button; it is in the same list as the hotel information. There are a couple of presentations I would very much like to have for the community (Martin, Samir).

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In the conclusion of the meeting there was discussion of developing a white paper on what we had learned. Richard Dawson proposed to take the opportunity to develop a Point of View for a new EU organization, the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities, that will be funding development work, c.f. Future Cities Catapult, for European cities.

Having gone through the exercise on Monday of re-reading all my notes, the notes of others who took part, and reviewing most of the videos, here are my suggestions for topics we might address in no particular order:

  • What gets people to engage with a city (government)? Sense of place, of connectedness. What does QoL really mean in this context? (Michael W., Samir M….?)
  • Ease of use / reduction of effort/stress required, engaged cities (Antii, Jurij, colin?)
  • Impact of enhanced information flows on regional structure (Michael B.?)
  • Impact of information on connectedness to a place (Michael W., Martin R.?)
  • Citizen engagement (through creativity, reconnecting, defining one's own place….), willingness of broad range of citizens to get involved in Adaptation/Configuration….Marjan, Rick?)
  • Role of information in understanding the future evolution, natural disaster risks, ability to improve long-term planning (Richard, Jurij….?)
  • Sharing local knowledge (through open mapping), c.g. Cyclopaths? (Rick, Antii…?)
  • ….?

We were thinking of a 10-20 page document, so around two pages per topic. Who's in?